MRU Leasing

MRU Process & Equipment

Process Description

The Viking MRU (Mechanical Refrigeration Unit) is engineered and designed to process untreated gas to meet pipeline quality dewpoint or BTU specifications. The MRU is comprised of an inlet coalescer, gas to gas exchanger, cold separator, stabilizer tower, and glycol dehydration system. These units are designed to maximize efficiency while removing the heavier hydrocarbons from the inlet gas stream, thus creating a pipeline quality residue gas (typically producing a +20 F hydrocarbon dew point) and a marketable NGL product. Our process group can analyze your gas analysis to optimize operating conditions and equipment selection.

Our smaller units are supplied with a methanol injection system for freeze control. These smaller units are provided with a multi-stage R507 refrigeration system that is self-monitoring and controlled.

The larger units are supplied with front end glycol injection dehydration and a glycol regeneration unit. No upstream dehydration is required. These larger units are supplied with a hot oil heat medium for better reboiler control and  heat for glycol regeneration. The hot oil system is gas fired, thereby reducing the total electrical KVA requirements. These units also utilize a propane refrigeration compressor/condenser system.

Equipment Description

Our equipment is modularized construction to minimize field installation and maximize transportability. Our units are delivered to the job site with process equipment installed, on module piping and control valves installed and insulated, and instrument ready to operate. Some onsite erection is required due to shipping height restraints.

Our units consist of a process module, or in some cases two process modules, a glycol regeneration module (larger units), heat medium module (where required), and an MCC module with IA package. Interconnecting piping and electrical connections are constructed in the field.

All equipment is engineered and constructed to the latest codes and standards.

The control system is AB PLC based with an operator interface panel located in the MCC building. Communications are via Ethernet data transfer and the system communication directly with the BMS controls and the compressor loading system.


  • Hydrocarbon dewpoint control with a wide range of inlet gas compositions.
  • Custom process gas evaluations on every job.
  • Stabilizer column included on every unit.
  • MCC provided with instrument air included.
  • PLC based control with advanced process monitoring.
  • Cross exchange to maximize efficiency.
  • Modular construction to ease installation

Leasing Information

Leasing Options

  • Units can be leased one a twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six-month, or forty-eight leasing program.
  • Longer leases can be negotiated upon request.
  • Lease to purchase option available.
  • Installation available.

Sizes available

  • 5 MMSCFD
  • 12.5 MMSCFD (coming soon)
  • 25 MMSCFD

If you are interested in learning more about leasing options for your company, please contact Mark Whitt, Project Manager, at [email protected] or at (903) 939-1555 x120.